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Engage Your Audience in a Powerful Way

Learn how we can help your brand stand out with memorable storytelling.

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Right now, audiences are looking for–and rewarding– creativity from brands.

With our background in entertainment and public relations, we produce unique content that will help you:


  • Generate buzz on social media

  • Build affinity with consumers

  • Move your audience to take action

We Help Brands Stand Out and Get Results

Mosaic Life Care

We’ve produced a series of branded content videos for Mosaic Life Care that have a documentary feel to them. This video, “A Smile and a Wave”, garnered more than 2,000 likes, comments and shares on Facebook.

Missouri Hospital Association

We created documentary-style videos to support MHA’s advocacy efforts to eliminate white bagging in Missouri. MHA is currently running the videos on several platforms to help create awareness around this important issue.

American Heart Association

We created a cinematic mini doc—reminiscent of what you’d see on Netflix—to tell the powerful story of Jennifer Truesdale’s stroke recovery. AHA used the mini doc to support their fundraising efforts.

We Bring Uncommon Insights and Expertise to the Brands We Work With

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Founder, Executive Producer

Director, Producer

Jeff Branscom is the Executive Producer of Rapport, a company he founded in 2020. An award-winning storyteller, Jeff oversees each production. Prior to founding the company, Jeff worked in public relations; he also was the co-founder of a video marketing agency.

With over 20 years of experience as a documentarian and producer, C.J. Levy has amassed an impressive resume, which includes co-creating and developing series for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. His documentary Rise Up: Discovering Hope is the debut feature for the company. 

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Our Process

You tell us your goals.

We put that information through our storytelling filter.

We create a slate of powerful content that will resonate with your audience.

 Branded Content 

These are stories designed to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Examples of branded content we produce:


  • Short branded stories

  • Mini docs

  • Episodic content

 Recruitment Content 

We’ll showcase your culture in the most compelling way possible -- by allowing someone to "live" it through immersive storytelling. Examples of recruitment content we produce:


  • “About us” video

  • “A day on the job” – Immersive, doc-style look at a position within an organization

  • Community involvement/impact

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500 E. Walnut, Suite 102

Columbia, MO 65201


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